Childhood Memory as a Current Fashion Trend

Memories of childhood it's a memorable part of the entire life. Any woman at any age wants to plunge into childhood. Childhood it's a bright paints, an endless summer and sea of smiles.

Backless tenderness 

The happiest place on earth

 A dream is a wish your heart makes

 Working space

 Concrete jungle!

 Winter shades

 Paris Mon Amour

 one of my favorite shots

 Hello Paradise!

 “Laughter is timeless. Imagination has no age. And dreams are forever.”  Walt Disney Company

 Avocado toast and pancake

 Flower hunting


 Hippie never goes out of style

 Paris exists to remind you that your dreams are real 

 Cardigan is the latest fashion trend

 Je t'aime Paris

 OOTD details

 Morning Coffee

 Pastel colors

 Enjoy your life the happiest moments been always with you